About time!

English: Hands collaborating in co-writing or ...

English: Hands collaborating in co-writing or co-editing or co-teaching in online education. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Writing to Reach You 2

Writing to Reach You 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you ever have a lot in you to say to the world and you didn’t know how to go about getting started?

Well, I have a lot to say.  I have learnt a lot – still learning.  And I have experienced a lot – still in that process as well.

I found out, well not too recently, that a starting point is to start a blog.  So, here I am – finally!

I love writing.  I can tell a lot of stories and I do public speaking too.  So why haven’t I been writing?  I have said over and over to my family, friends, colleagues and business associates “I am going to start writing now” or “You’ll see my writings soon.”  Must sound like a broken record to some because I never seemed to start.  Well, not anymore!

As I write this post, I feel like just going on and writing.  It is almost like I found me.  I really wonder, why I haven’t been writing?  Ok, I think its getting boring! Enough of the “whys.”

On second thoughts, this post is titled “About time!” so I am allowed to repeat and repeat “Why haven’t I been writing?” or phrases that imply.

Ok, you might just be wondering “writing about what?”

There are a number of topics that interest me and that I really have a lot of interesting and educative things to say concerning, but for this blog, I will focus on creating successful professionals and businesses.  I’ll write more on this in another post but for now, I’ll just enjoy taking this first bold step out of the water and enjoy the fresh air of writing my passion.

I believe we all have an audience, we all have something inside of us to give to our world.  I know not everyone will do it in writing but there are some of us that in giving our service to our world, we have been given the gift of writing.

I might not be the best writer, I might not use all the right words or phrases.  I might not use the right structure but I do know this, I have something to say and there’s someone out there that will be my reader.

I encourage you not to wait any longer if you feel the need to write.  Just go ahead and act now!  You get better as you put in more and more practice but just go ahead and get writing or doing whatever it is you feel and have felt the need to all this while.  There’s someone waiting for you.  There’s someone who’s your audience.

Its about time!