Your Purpose – The Foundation

Social Circles of Influence

Social Circles of Influence (Photo credit: aafromaa)

Social circles of Influence

Social circles of Influence (Photo credit: aafromaa)

Everyone of us has a purpose for being here in this world.  There’s not a single person that just landed on earth from no where without a purpose.  We all have a reason why we were born.

What is your purpose here on earth?  Do you know?

There is a purpose for everything we say and do, everywhere we go, the people we meet… EVERYTHING!

“So what does this have to do with creating successful professionals and businesses?”  I’m glad you asked.

Organisations are set up to render a service (or a group of services) or offer a product (or a group of products).  And these services or products are created to meet a certain need.  Either of an individual, a group of people, a city, a nation, another organisation etc.  This means that every single product or service offered exists for a reason.  Which brings us to the meaning of purpose. defines purpose as the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.  Some synonyms of purpose are mission, ambition, desire, destination, goal and reason.

I know, I know – this information is very basic.  Exactly! I want to establish the basics.  I hope I’m getting it right.  What do you think so far?

Anyway, so why did I start with the purpose of an individual?  Because, the purpose of the individual determines which organisation he/she works in, what kind of business he/she creates or engages in and of course, the customers he/she attracts. Oh and one more very important thing, the people – those he/she works for and with.

An individual’s purpose is a force that determines his/her character.  “How?” you may ask.  I’ll spill that out in part 1.  And by the way, all this is original.  Oh, did I hear you say “girl, you’re good!”  Thank you very much! 😉

Ok, back to subject. again defines Personality as the visible aspect of one’s character as it impresses others.  An embodiment of a collection of qualities.  The essential character of a person.  One’s personal identity.  Some synonyms of Personality are identity, individuality, self, disposition and temperament.

“So memeh, what is the connection between purpose and personality here, I don’t get it?” Well maybe you do 😉  Still, I’m glad you asked, so here it is.

Everyone of us is born to serve and influence our world with our personality.  There is a reason why we were born to the family we were born to.  There is a reason why we were born in the city, state, nation we were born in.  There is a reason why we were born male or female.  There is a reason why we exist.  That is, there is a purpose why we were born.  Our purpose can be divided into 2:

  1. Our general purpose – which is to serve and influence the world for good with our personality
  2. Our specific purpose – which is the specific people we are created to serve and influence for good with our personality.  This is the reason why we are the way we are.

We’ll look at this in detail in later posts.

Have you ever wondered why people get frustrated working in particular organisations or doing some certain kind of business? And you might probably think they are so blessed working in that organisation or doing that business.  But they don’t feel blessed.  There’s no fulfillment.  Well, that’s because there is a mismatch.  Their personality is suffering there.  Instead of serving and influencing there, causing their organisation or business and those they work with to excel, they are trying to fit that round peg personality into a square hole purpose.

But memeh, are you saying everyone who is not happy at their job have a mismatch?  Are you saying that is not the place they should be?” Great you asked, I’ll tell you what I believe.

Not exactly.  For some people, yes it is a mismatch.  However, for some they are just having a hard time developing their personality.  This is done by impoving their character and developing their potentials.  I’ll write more on this in later posts. “oh enough of this later posts, tell me now!”  Patience, dear Reader, patience.

I’ve got a question for you.  What is your influence like?

Is your personality pitiful or powerful? – I got the ‘pitiful or powerful’ part from Joyce Meyer.

Would you want to be influenced by you… the way you are?  Think about it.

If not, you’re either not living your purpose, or you need to stop complaining or trying to run away from developing the required character to accept the place you are in, so that your personality can shine out and you can influence and serve those where you are right now with the quality of your personality.

So what do you think?